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Clintonville Veterinary Services

Our pets are a part of our family, and every responsible owner wants to ensure that their pets are in the very best of health. The majority of conditions that animals are susceptible to have no obvious symptoms early on. Once they do present themselves, many pets may already be suffering and may then require extensive medical assistance. Your pet may not be able to tell you what is wrong, but our examinations aim to discover the source of any problem or indeed prevent them before they arise.

To help keep your pet in optimum health we recommend full nose to tail wellness examinations at least once per year. If you have recently purchased a pet then we strongly recommend that you book an appointment for their first examination within the first few weeks of ownership. Younger animals are more vulnerable to illness and this will allow us to reassure you of their health and give us a starting point for their medical records.

Our list of services include:

Outside of this, we also have a pet pharmacy so you can receive all of your furry friend's medication needs. We cover medications for both short term medical care and chronic conditions.

Where to adopt a pet?

​​​​​​​At Clintonville Animal Hospital, we recommend that pets should be adopted whenever possible from trusted animal shelters or rescue groups. There are so many animals every day that are without a good home, you can typically even find a specific breed within the shelters or rescue organizations, even puppies or kittens if that is your preference.

Our owner Dr. Devon Horne, gives her time to one of the area rescue groups, Columbus Dog Connection to help them to care for the pets looking for new homes.

Below are a list of great shelters and rescue goups in our area. Before you adopt, please check out these locations and find your newest family member.